Unemployment Compensation

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If you have recently lost your job your first concern is usually “how will I pay my bills?”  People rely on unemployment compensation (UC) while they look for a new job.  To then learn you have been denied unemployment benefits can cause great anxiety and confusion.  If your application for unemployment compensation benefits has been denied, you have the right to file an appeal.  Likewise, if your application for unemployment benefits has been approved your former employer has the right to file an appeal.  Your employer can allege that you were discharged for “willful misconduct” or that you voluntarily resigned your position with the company without a necessary and compelling reason.  In either case, a hearing before a referee will usually be scheduled shortly after the appeal is filed.  You have the right to be represented at the appeal hearing by an experienced PA unemployment compensation lawyer.

Appeal hearings usually involve one, or both, of the following issues:

  • Discharge.  The employer has the burden of proving willful misconduct as the reason for discharge.
  • Voluntary quit.  The employee has the burden of proving a necessary and compelling reason for quitting.

Pennsylvania employment lawyer Bruce Preissman is available for consultation and representation at unemployment compensation appeal hearings.  He can evaluate your claim based upon your individual circumstances.  If retained, he will help you prepare for, and represent you at, the unemployment compensation appeal hearing.  He can also help you determine if you have a claim for wrongful dischargeretaliation, workplace harassment, sexual harassment and/or discrimination based on ageracegenderpregnancydisability, national origin and/or religion.