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Severance and "severance packages" are often viewed as a benefit to the employee.  However, there are many instances where employers offer severance to employees in order to limit the employer's exposure to liability.  Employers limit their liability by making payment of the severance contingent upon the employee signing a release of claims.  In most cases the signing of the release and payment of the severance bars any subsequent claims by the empolyee against the employer for matters covered by the release.  This is one reason why it is crucial to speak with an experienced employment law attorney prior to accepting a severance package.

If you suspect:

Or, if you just want to make sure you understand the terms and conditions of the severance package presented to you . . .


Call Bruce Preissman today to schedule a consultation.  Attorney Preissman will answer your questions and help you to understand the terms and conditions of the severance agreement you are being asked to sign.  He will also discuss with you the circumstances surrounding your separation from employment to see if there are any claims you have against your employer that you would be giving up by accepting the severance package.


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